siin life strives to develop high-quality skin care products "made in Austria". With the siin Edition Edelweiss we have developed THE EFFECT COSMETICS "made in Austria". At the centre of this exclusive skin care is the "SIIN COMPLEX". Here, high-quality, natural ingredients with selected biosynthetic active ingredients are combined in a liposome system derived from medicine and introduced into deeper skin layers. We thus offer an efficient solution for the needs of our customers in the areas of cleansing, anti-aging, care and protection of the skin.

Our special commitment is to the wonder of nature, Edelweiss, the medicinal plant 2019. We are convinced that the Edelweiss, with its more than 100 different active ingredients, is one of the most important medicinal plants on our planet. For this reason, in the future we will devote ourselves increasingly to research and cultivation of the "white star of the Alps", "the eternally beautiful" in Austria. In this way we want to secure this globally valued medicinal plant for future generations. Through the organic cultivation of Edelweiss, we can use its valuable ingredients for high-quality and effective skin care products.