In the skin care brand "siin Edition Edelweiss", after years of development, we have succeeded in combining the active ingredients of organically grown edelweiss with other high-quality natural and biosynthetic active ingredients to create a successful "effect formula". This formula, the "SIIN-KOMPLEX", offers prevention against premature skin aging, effective anti-aging, soothing care and efficient protection.

The liposomal encapsulation of active ingredients.

In the "SIIN-KOMPLEX", a deep action system derived from medicine is used. Here the active ingredients of edelweiss and other ingredients are encapsulated with special membranes and can therefore be absorbed much better by the skin. Absorbed into deeper skin layers, the ingredients can achieve their full effect. The skin cells are supplied with moisture and oxygen and valuable active ingredients. They regenerate and renew themselves. Collagen production is stimulated and the connective tissue is strengthened. Thus the depth of wrinkles can be reduced, the skin tightened and smoothed.

Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

The "siin Edition Edelweiss" range currently consists of 12 high-quality skin care products, which are tailored to the different needs of the skin and care rituals. All products have been dermatologically tested by independent institutes and are suitable for all skin types. No parabens or paraffins are used. Highest quality "made in Austria".