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"siin Edition Edelweiss" Your Private Spa


"siin Edition Edelweiss" Your Private Spa

The exclusive beauty set “Your Private Spa” offers a special, personal beauty treatment. Treat your skin with the exceptional, high-quality skin care products with the ingredients of edelweiss from organic cultivation. Experience a true beauty ritual. The treatment takes in total approx. 40 minutes. You will feel refreshed, revitalised with a perfectly nourished skin.


  • 5+1 high-class anti-aging products
  • strengthens the connective tissue
  • promotes the skin's production of collagen and elastin
  • for a tightened, smoothed and vitalised skin
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€133.22 per 100 ml

YPS. YOUR PRIVATE SPA. The beauty treatment of a special kind.


  • MILKY CLEANSER, 15 ml. For a first gentle cleansing. Velvety soft alpine spring water in combination with the exclusive edelweiss extract, ensures gentle and deep cleansing. The ingredients of the vitamin-rich fruit, the goji berry, provide the essential vitamins C, A (retinol) and B. The extract of ginseng root strengthens and protects the skin.
  • INTENSE CLEANSER MASK, 15 ml. For a deep cleansing of face and throat. The contained lactic acid gently dissolves calluses and stabilizes the pH-value of the skin. Active ingredients from Edelweiss, goji berry, morinda citrifolia, as well as olive tree extract nourish and moisturize the skin, the cell activity is stimulated while cleansing and the complexion is refined. The deep cleansing favours the absorption capacity of the skin for skin care products to follow.
  • SPRING TONIC, 15 ml. The skin is refreshed and refined with the help of Spring Tonic. The exclusive rose oil supports, with its high content of alpha-linolenic acid, the skin regeneration and cell renewal. Allantoin has a smoothing and tightening effect and is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. 
  • ANTI AGING CREAM, 15 ml. Strengthens and regenerates the skin cells. The anti-aging cream as mask or overnight cream, is an intensive moisturizing mask. The cream has a skin-cell strengthening effect. The active ingredient combination of edelweiss extract, hyaluronic acid, olive leaf extract, jojoba oil, goji berry and wheat germ oil additionally promote an immediate regeneration of the skin. Already during the exposure time, the beneficial effect on the skin can be felt.
  • FIBRE FACIAL MASK, 3 pcs. The refreshing experience: revitalisation and pure anti-aging. In the exclusive fluid in the fleece and the Fresh-Up Cream, the extracts of morinda citrifolia fruit, goji berry, cucumber, almond oil, rose water and olive leaf extract are combined with the ingredients of edelweiss from organic cultivation. Together they form a highly effective refreshing and revitalizing formula. Absolutely refreshing. 
  • FRESH-UP-CREAM, 3 x 6g. Intensively nourishing and preventing from premature skin aging. The cream keeps up the moisture supply of the skin cells and supports the cell regeneration. The saturated- and unsaturated fatty acids, of the almond oil, strengthen the skin and balance the pH-value of the skin. Prevents from premature skin aging. 


YOUR PRIVATE SPA of "siin Edition Edelweiss" and its products are free from any animal ingredients, without animal testing and for this reason 100% vegan, dermatologically tested, free from allergens, paraben and paraffin. Perfectly suitable for all skin types. 


Our Quality Guarantee

The vegan skin-care products of „siin Edition Edelweiss“ are pleasant, protecting, nourishing and free from any animal ingredients and animal testing. All products are dermatologically tested by independent institutes and certified free of allergens, paraffin and paraben. The “siin Edition Edelweiss” conforms to the strict specifications of the European cosmetics regulation and are suitable for all skin types.

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