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"siin Edition Edelweiss" Facial Mask Box, 6 pieces


"siin Edition Edelweiss" Facial Mask Box, 6 pieces

The FIRST lyocell facial mask with the ingredients of the edelweiss “made in Austria”. Refreshing, revitalising. Pure anti-aging. The “fountain of youth”.

  • unique: the medically tested lyocell fibre for the face, throat and décolleté.
  • innovative: no resting position necessary, as the mask can be fixed with a flap on your ears.
  • refreshing, pure anti-aging: the fluid of the facial mask and the special “Fresh-up-Cream” with the ingredients of the edelweiss from organic cultivation.
  • revitalising and tightening in just 15 minutes: the answer for premature skin aging.
  • highest, tested quality: suitable for all skin types.
  • free of paraben, paraffin and allergens.
  • for him and her.
  • 6 sachets in one box.
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€12.48 per 38 g

The fountain of youth. A refreshing and revitalising experience of a special kind. 

The new Facial Mask of “siin Edition Edelweiss” by siin. 

Together with the world leader in producing lyocell fibres, succeeded in developing the first Austrian fibre-mask with the ingredients of the edelweiss from organic cultivation. The fibre from botanical origin, consists of the renewable raw material wood, in its purest form, medically tested and by “Ecocert ERTS”. It is odourless and can easily be composted after the application. 

The special advantages of the lyocell fibre:

  • the tender and smooth surface of the fibre treats even very sensitive skin

  • the delicate but stable structure of the fibre nestles closely to the skin it almost merges with it.
  • the medically tested fibre has a perfect management of the lotion: this means, that the lotion is perfectly harmonised with the fibre and like this regularly proportions the lotion during the 15 minutes of the application.
  • the fibre is from botanical origin, 100% vegan and bio-degradable, odourless and tearproof in wet condition.

The exclusive fluid on the fibre and the Fresh-up-Cream.

In all the skin care products of “siin Edition Edelweiss”, ingredients of edelweiss from organic cultivation are combined with other valuable ingredients. The exclusive fluid in the fibre and the Fresh-up-Cream are united with e.g. extracts of the morinda citrifolia fruit, goji berry, barley, cucumber, almond oil, rose water and extract of olive leaves and edelweiss, are combined in a highly efficient refreshing- and revitalising formula. 

The "siin Edition Edelweiss" Facial Mask is free from any animal ingredients, without animal testing and for this reason 100% vegan, dermatologically tested, free from allergens, paraben and paraffin. Perfectly suitable for all skin types. 

Our Quality Guarantee

The vegan skin-care products of „siin Edition Edelweiss“ are pleasant, protecting, nourishing and free from any animal ingredients and animal testing. All products are dermatologically tested by independent institutes and certified free of allergens, paraffin and paraben. The “siin Edition Edelweiss” conforms to the strict specifications of the European cosmetics regulation and are suitable for all skin types.

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