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Servus – Perfumery Kussmund

„We offer, what we like. And we like the joy of life, smart luxury, and a happy and respectful togetherness with our guests in a fragrant atmosphere.“

Kussmund. An original name, a creative company in the heart of Vienna. On board in the tasteful business premises of the perfumery in Habsburgergasse – “siin Edition Edelweiss”. We’d like to introduce. 

Vienna, Vienna only you. That’s right. Vienna is the capital of Austria, an important cultural center in Europe and one of the most sympathetic cities in the world. For us it is a “must” to be present at selected hotspots in Vienna too. 2016 Kussmund’s invitation to siin. “We like Austria – tha’s why we also have a small, fine selection of Austrian products” says of the owners. The partnership was quickly sealed.

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A small insight into the beautiful branch of the perfumery Kussmund in the Habsburgerstraße in Vienna.

siin: what does Kussmund offers their customers?

Kussmund: we address people from 16 to 92 years and as a “start-up” we have to develop our position first through great service and the right assortment. We provide care, make-up, fragrances, candles, detergents, jewelry – everything that makes joy. In addition to the services of a classic perfumery, we offer special beauty treatments such as the “siin Edelweiss” treatment.

siin: what inspired Kussmund to include “siin Edition Edelweiss” in the assortment?

Kussmund: Clearly. The quality of the products and our relationship to Austria was particularly important to us.

siin: how would you rate the active ingredients of edelweiss for skin care?

Kussmund: edelweiss itself is currently experiencing a real renaissance – through the detour Tibet, we recognize the value and importance of this wonderful flower here, also as medicinal plant, and especially for skin care.

siin: if you compare “siin Edition Edelweiss” in comparison to other skin care providers, how does the product line differ?

Kussmund: “siin Edition Edelweiss” has a very slim range with currently 10 products. We appreciate that, and especially our customers. These are rather confused if the range offered is too broad, because then the products differ only insignificantly.

siin: what do you specially like at „siin Edition Edelweiss“?

Kussmund: the clear concept, the proven effect of the care and it is also simply a very likable brand with a dedicated and smart team in the background.

siin: we are very happy to hear that. Thank you. Do you have a favourite among the products of “siin Edition Edelweiss”?

Kussmund: the cleansing, Milky Cleanser and Spring Tonic, results in unbeatable clean and smooth feeling after application.

siin: „siin Edition Edelweiss“ is also presented with a new treatment at Kussmund. Since when is the cabin offer available?

Kussmund: We are already diligently working on it, appointments are gladly accepted.

siin: what do you particularly take care of in treatments?

Kussmund: that our clients can enjoy their treatment in peace and quiet, and that they feel welcomed and treated well with our Monica.

siin: Thank you for the nice talk!

You can find more information about the perfumery on the Facebook-page of Kussmund!


The employees of Kussmund are happy to welcome you and advice you on the different products available of “siin Edition Edelweiss”. 

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