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„A beautiful and high-quality cosmetics line that convinces.“

Our conversation with Dennis Grischek, owner of the online portal kosmetik.at and the beauty salon in Graz, about „siin Edition Edelweiss“.

He was one of the first partners of siin in Graz. Dennis Grischek and his online portal www.kosmetik.at or his beauty studio, initially in Grazbachgasse 30, now also with a second branch in Plüddemanngasse in Graz. In a relaxed conversation Dennis Grischek introduces his company and his reasons why he has included “siin Edition Edelweiss” in the program.

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A small insight into one of the two beauty studios of kosmetik.at in Graz.

siin: dear Dennis you lead a beauty studio in Plüddemanngasse and operate an online shop. What do you offer your customers?

Dennis Grischek: at our two locations we offer various treatments in the cabin. The offer ranges from intensive and caring facial treatments to fast and effective fresh treatments. Manicure and eyelash extensions are also part of our services and complete the offer. On our online portal, we offer 30 international branded products, including “siin Edition Edelweiss”.

siin: what made you decide to include “siin Edition Edelweiss” in your assortment and since when do you offer the products?

Dennis Grischek: in 2014, I got to know the brand through various presentations in the media. I thought that the concept “made in Austria” could be a very good addition to the existing range of international brands. What I liked very much is that siin was and still is very committed to the still very unknown flower edelweiss and thus has taken a pioneering role in Austria. In addition, my team and I were convinced of the quality and impact of the products from the very beginning.

siin: which products of „siin Edition Edelweiss“ are your favourites?

Dennis Grischek: we offer the complete assortment including the exclusive Beauty Sets Complete and the Facial Mask. The fibre-facial mask certainly is a leading product.

siin: what special experiences have you, your team and your customers made with “siin Edition Edelweiss”?

Dennis Grischek: simply summarized: the scent is very pleasant, the consistency perfect. The attachment to Austria can be felt and seen in all products. A beautiful and high-quality cosmetics line that convinces.

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Dennis Grischek presents “siin Edition Edelweiss” in his beauty studio in Graz. 



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