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Servus – Hotel Vivamayr Altaussee

Where Kate Moss, Eva Longoria & Co make holidays. „siin Edition Edelweiss“ at the hotel Vivamayr in Altaussee.

The Hotel VIVAMAYR in Altaussee. Stars such as Kate Moss and Eva Longoria spend their holidays here in this exclusive hotel, thanks to F.X. Mayr’s effective and international Detox Clinic. “siin Edition Edelweiss” is on board and part of the overall concept. In our interview with the sympathic spa manager Tarryn Warren:


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A small insight in the spa area of the Hotel Vivamayr in Altaussee. 

siin: Tarryn what brings you here to Altausee?

Tarryn Warren: I came to Altaussee in January 2017 and I was thrilled from the beginning on. This unique nature, the clean fresh air, and the breathtaking mounatin and lake panorama. Here I have drunk the purest and cleanest water from lakes and rivers – for me one of the most beautiful places on earth. And then it has become possible to take over the spa management at the hotel VIVAMAYR in Altaussee. In my opinion, one of the best wellness hotels in the world. We can welcome celebrities and stars, thanks to the special detox treatment of “F.X. Mayr”.

siin: the topic “edelweiss” is very close to you. Why?

Tarryn Warren: next to the jop as spa manger at the hotel VIVAMAYR, I have a blog together with my friend Alison, namely „the skin journals“. We dedicate ourselves very idealistic to the topic skin care. We want to present our honest opinion on different offers, products and news. As part of these activities, we became aware of the topic “edelweiss”, its active ingredients for skin care and inspired by its special properties. So I had to take a close look at your “siin Edition Edelweiss” when the nixe sales manager Karin Nini introduced herself to us.

siin: how do you rate the active ingredients of edelweiss for skin care?

Kussmund: edelweiss itself is currently experiencing a real renaussance – through the detour Tibet we recognize the value of this wonderful flower, also as a medicinal plant, here in the Alpine region, and especially in skin care.

siin: Tarryn, what are your special favorites from “siin Edition Edelweiss”?

Tarryn Warren: we currently offer Milky Cleanser, the Day Cream, and the Facial Mask in our program. These are the only Austrian skincare products in our house. I especially like Milky Cleanser and the Facial Mask, which we were also able to incorporate into our very special treatments. It is interesting that especially men appreciate the cleansing and care creams of “siin Edition Edelweiss”. You have to know that here at VIVAMAYR we have a detox clinic according to F.X. Mayr and therefore we work with very specific products for a comprehensive cleaning, detoxification and renovation.


The hotel Vivamayr Altaussee with “siin Edition Edelweiss” in its spa program.

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