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My experience with Edition Edelweiss

Nothing is more important to us than the opinion of our customers. Experiences, advice, criticism, reviews – every contact is of interest to us. We ask customers about their experiences with Edition Edelweiss, we get spontaneous mails. We will gladly provide you here with some of those mails from our customers word for word. To the senders concerned from whom we have received permission to publish – thank you all so much!

“To fall in love with!”

Hi there,
As promised I write a bit about my experiences with Edelweiss … the first contact was a small test-sample, well how often do you get samples? But already while opening it was clear, the smell  … amazing. At home, I tested it immediately and I instantly fell in love. Cleansing is awesome, mild and sooo thorough … The tonic is so gentle to the skin and everything giving deep pore cleansing you would not believe what else goes with it. And the 24 hour cream has a smell to fall in love with and it’s perfect! My skin has changed within one month from so to just so. Great that I found this product or better the product found me.
Best wishes to the team,
Theresa Noichl

“I’m really pleased.”

Good day,
I came to the siin skin care range through a sample pack which my husband had brought for me, and now I’ve already been with you for over a year. I have already used the entire product range and am really pleased. The texture is pleasant and immediately absorbed into the skin. The subtle scent is a very important factor for me. I simply have the feeling with these products that I’m well served and they provide my skin with sufficient nutrients.
Small review: You cannot see when the cream comes to an end! A side window would be ideal (once I had such a dispenser, but only once !!!!) I will continue to stay true to your skin care range.
Ingrid Sunzenauer

“Simply elegant and very fine.”

Dear siin-team!
I’ve been using the sample packs of Cleansing and 24 hr Essence Cream now for 3 weeks and each evening! The texture is soft and silky and the cream absorbs quickly, while still leaving enough noticeable skin care and moisture. The smell is pleasant and relatively neutral – very important to me. In general, the products seem to fulfill what the presentation and design promise: premium product, high quality, simply very fine. I’m also looking forward to applying the serum and the eye cream.
Doris Reiter

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