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Beauty Expert on Edition Edelweiss

Again and again we ask also beauty professionals about their opinion and their evaluation of Edition Edelweiss.
Here you find an email from a very experienced Branch insider. Yes, we readily admit that even we ourselves could not have written it better. It is even more gratifying that a user of Edition Edelweiss has handed us this mail by word and in its original form for reference. Thank you, Ms. Wurmehl, for your permission to publish this mail.

“Sensational, silky and smooth.”

Dear siin Team,
I am happy to give you my statement about your products!

The use of Edelweiss products is very practical and economical because of the dispenser with all products. The low number of necessary products (no night care) is super, it greatly reduces additional necessary products. But most noticeable of all is the visible effect. While applying, the products have an invigorating, refreshing effect and a silky and non-sticky texture. A tangible, immediate smoothness during application, a very slight tingling sensation which serves to give a rosy complexion. After 8 weeks of use, my skin has become much more even, less sensitive and smooth, despite high stress and lack of sleep. The areas with rosacea have become much lighter, I can now use a more natural, less concealing make-up. I’m excited about the effect of the skin care line, especially from the serum because my skin has become so soft, evenly proportioned and plumper. I am 50 years old and have had a lot of experience with high-quality skin care, but this skin care line has really surprised me, because Edelweiss makes an immediately visible, sensationally silky, smoother and a more glowingly radiant skin.

Gabriele Wurmehl, owner Perfumery Stilgenau

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